Blogwars – Real takes on Apple via campaign blog (update: backlash – it is going wrong)

(Via Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion)

"Real has launched weblog as a tool to help it fight its musical PR war with RSS feed though 🙁 "

May the blogwars begin...

(Update: Big backlash going on - petition went wrong...very wrong)

Comments (2)

  1. Steve Rubel says:

    I have updated my post. The site now includes an RSS feed (

  2. They’ve also taken commenting off line on the "blog".

    Quite amusing the comments were too. Mostly along the lines of "Why doesn’t real open up either"? I guess Real don’t want to listen to users after all. It’s hardly a blog now, it’s just a list of moans.

    Lets face it, Real is pretty closed too, due to pricing of the DRM SDK and the fact that you need to write your own plugin for RealPlayer to decode your content. Unlike the MS DRM offering where you get to develop your own packager, web site, DRM rules and so on, at no cost (again unlike Real, whose DRM SDK costs a lot).

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