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Inspired by Frank's ASP.NET Site of the day, I want to know which are the GREAT sites running ASP.NET out there today...They don't have be the big commercial sites, but I am looking for the cool, innovative, funky or smart...something that stands out from the crowd.

If you know, I want to know!

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  1. ticketek is australia’s largest online ticket seller,

  2. Chris Bartow says:

    Fast, modern site running ASP.Net (and their signals have been pretty accurate!). They deal with market timing signals for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

  3. Alex Barnett says:

    Thanks Michael:

    Mail from: Alex Barnett blog

    Sender: Michael Carr


    IP Address: XXXXXXXXX


    I would like to nominate my own website 🙂

    The website manages aircraft scheduling for some of the country’s largest flight schools (e.g. Daniel Webster College @

    The site has been running on ASP.NET since the early 1.0 beta. Server 2003 and IIS on the front-end, SQL Server 2000 the back-end. Uses SQL Reporting Services with a completely custom web front end. Various .NET Web Services are running for remote synchronization with client databases. Various .NET Windows Services for scheduled jobs. Various .NET Web Forms apps are used internally for site configuration and billing. The site uses NullableTypes ( and ScrollKeeper ( assemblies. CodeSmith is used for creating custom collections. Source control is done via PuskOk CVS Proxy ( plug-in for Visual Studio 2003. .NET features used for increased performance include caching at several levels, HTML compression, and a fully three-tier design. The site handles theming through a custom CSS generated on-the-fly (and cached on the client) for each specific client. Gemini (, a free .NET issue tracking system, is used for project management. FxCop is used for code correctness.

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