MSDN Channel 9 – My favourite videos

MSDN's Channel 9 has a bunch of interviews with Microsoft peeps...I thought I'd share with you my favourites (chronological order, lastest at top):

Iain McDonald answers the question: "What's the biggest suprise that will come out of Microsoft in the next year or two?". Ian ran the war room for Windows XP and is a director on Windows Server program management.

Tour of Microsoft Research's Next Media group - Curtis Wong, the guy who leads the group, shows off their Media Browser technology - not smoke and mirrors. Sweet.

Bill Hill, the co-inventor of ClearType, and the head of the typography team here at Microsoft - "Windows is not the most important OS." Also, there is "only one space after period".

Ward Cunningham - who now works on the PAG team at Microsoft (Platform Architecture Guidance), was the guy who invented the Wiki. So, how did Ward come up with the idea for the Wiki?

Eric Gunnerson, who is on the C# team, talks about why there are so many different computer languages. "Why isn't there only one kind of saw," he asked back. What is the biggest challenge for programmers? "The problem space is getting much bigger".

Brad Abrams, Lead Program Manager, CLR (Common Language Runtime) - What is missing from the CLR and Do you use feedback from blogs to design the CLR?

Chris Sells, an MSDN program manager who runs the Longhorn Developer Center, takes us on a tour of MSDN's offices.

Joe Beda, development lead on the Avalon team at Microsoft respond to the question: "Is Avalon a way to take over the Web?".

Here is full list of Channel 9 videos.

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