eBay serves 1 billion XML (read – Web services) queries per month

"As pointed out by Information week magazine, there are 50,000 developers signed up for Amazon Web Services program, and 8,000 companies and individual programmers enjoying membership in eBay API program. There are roughly 600 application built on eBay API, and monthly eBay serves 1 billion XML (read - Web services) queries, which amounts to 30 million Web services transactions a day. About 40% of the items listed for sale on eBay's U.S. site come in through its API."

(Via ITFacts.biz.)

I wonder what all this represents in revenues?

Comments (2)

  1. Well, for eBay the rough estimate would be in the billion dollar range. <a href="http://www.itfacts.biz/index.php?id=P891">eBay users sold $7.5 bln worth of stuff</a> in 2003, so if 40% come through API, exactly $3 billion dollars must have been sold through the Web services.

    But also let’s consider this – for a retailer to do business on the Internet right now it’s not necessary to run a Web site with credit card transactions and all, so there are costs associated with designing, launching and maintaining a site. All these costs are saved if the merchant just uses eBay/Amazon API to upload their goodies.

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