Jonathan Schwartz: “Whoever owns Novell controls the OS on which IBM’s future depends.”

Sun's Jonathan Schwartz: "Whoever owns Novell controls the OS on which IBM's future depends."

(Via David Winer's Scripting News)

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  1. says:

    Schwartz is an loose cannon. I’ve said this repeatedly on the Yahoo sunw stock board. Nobody controls Linux. You want it? You take it. Period. That’s the big diff between Linux and OS2.

    BTW, I’ve offered a web services challenge to Schwartz and any of his PhDs. I’ve publicly bet $2000 that I can code a web service faster in VS.NET that he or any of his PhDs can in Java Studio Creator. No takers to date. Cowards. Capt. Wrong Jon Schwartz claims it takes advanced degrees and PhDs to do web services. What a joker. He hasn’t a clue what VS.NET can do. BTW, creating a simple web service took me less than 3 minutes. (It would have been faster if VS.NET had already been open to a web services project.)

    I also ported a full production app to a web service in less than a day on my first foray in web services in VS.NET. It was a perfect solution to my problem. That service, BTW, has been up and running on WinServer2003 web edition for many months. Rock solid.

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