Microsoft Does Flash RIGHT!

From David Bisset's Flex-MX blog:

"This flash presentation "Your Potential. Our Passion." from Microsoft is not only impressive for Microsoft, it's impressive period. A must-see."


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  1. John Cowper says:


    Quite simply it’s fantastic, yes they have done it ‘right’ and it’s most impressive. I taught e-maketing at college last semester and it would have been fantastic to show as a case history.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    John Cowper

  2. depressed says:

    Oh the irony of "Your Potential. Our Passion."

    If everyone at Microsoft would live up to this slogan and let some companies really do their thing without having to please Microsoft to include this or that and not be smothered out of existance if they do not….. I mean, these companies are still using Microsoft technology right? So what if they feel product Z is not a good solution for the job……

    What the problem could be is that the sales dept of the product Z that a company does not want to sell become an evil corp to that sales group because product Z will not make a possible x sales quota… But the other product teams of products that the company uses never hear about the good things and the advances they are making allll because product Z team pass the word up the chain that company is bad and they should be discouraged at all costs and thus sales team Z tells all customers to avoid company which in the end just promotes the sales of a java solution and another company that does not even HAVE a working product… bloody mess.. 😛

    Yea, we have passion and we have solutions with potential… but all because of product Z was not put in the solution…. we lost Microsoft’s passion… yet.. the whole product is built using Microsoft technology… just does not use that product Z…..

    sorry to abuse your blog….

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