Wi-Fi on trains

Wi-Fi on trains.


Now all I need is a large bag to carry 15 pre-charged batteries.

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  1. timts says:

    new laptop with 2 batteries installed can last 8-12 hours, 10-12 LCD is decent, since you dont have a lot space on the train. guess you dont want to keep playing your laptop for that long on the train any way. also, there should be power outlet on the train any way.

  2. chrisg says:

    I think its a great idea :O)

    Knowing my luck I would either get stuck next to the guy who decides to stream audio very loudly or worse be stuck on the quiet coach across from that person who Shhh’s me on every click of a keypress ;O)

  3. Alex Barnett says:

    Tim, you’re not accounting for the spectacular delays and chaos experienced in the UK when a leaf inadvertently lands on a train track.

  4. Guys, may I point to German trains having electricity on board…officially it is only for the CLEANING SERVICE…well depends on what you are really doing on your laps

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