FeedBurner answers my RSS metrics question

I like metrics, I like data - I like feedback.  I'd like to know, in detail, how my RSS feed is consumed.

I posted earlier about my frustration on their being a lack of common/standard metrics for RSS and FeedBurner not only helps define these metrics but also provides a way for me to apply these to my RSS feed and analyse (nice interface - tells me CTR, aggregator details, etc).

Steve Rubel's has moved his RSS feed over to FeedBurner and I may very well do the same.  I've had a play and I like what I see...before I make the leap (i.e. ask you to subscribe to the FB feed, rather than this one) I'll need to figure out if there are any downsides to the move over (I can't think of any yet - actually, yes I can, see update below)...

(Update 01 June 2004: Since this post, the service has experienced at least one outage of several hours.  The service is at 'pre-alpha', so beware.)

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  1. John S. says:

    Will your posts still show in the main feed? That’s the only way I ever find any of the MSDN blog posts.

  2. Ben says:

    What is the number of hits, click throughs, and how many people are consuming your feed really going to tell you? It doesn’t tell you that what you write is interesting or useful. Comments might provide the most valuable data which is feedback on what you provide your consumers.

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