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"Nick Denton (formally of Moreover and First Tuesday <in>fame) has launched a custom weblog publishing service for advertisers called Gawker Media Contract Publications. Their first project - a weblog sponsored by Nike."

(Via Steve Rubel)

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  1. billy madison says:

    I love me some nike juice.

  2. Sol says:

    If you are looking for kicks check this out

    $75 Jordans 1-20

  3. VJ says:

    Nike is not only a sweatshop, they also do not pay their bills to contractors who are out time and money that are there to help them. Nike likes to exploit Easterners and Westerners for their own gain and good. There is no honor at Nike!!! I will never buy another damn thing of theirs ever!

  4. paul says:

    Hey guys, dont know if you have seen anything for the new Nike Air Max 360 but they are having a launch for the product this Friday (the 20th) at Oxford Circus Nike Town. Its a midnight thing and looks to be very cool.

  5. Just sending this just to say hiya, just found this site by the off chance and really like what you write, very good read thanks.

  6. Does anyone have a link for the Nike Blog mentioned in this post? Is it still maintained?

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