I am wowed by Map24

Best thing I've seen on the net for a while - Map24 won the 'Technical Achievement' category in the Webby Awards 2004....if you haven't played, then play:

Map24: US version - UK version - Belgian version - German version - Danish version -Dutch version - Finish version - French version - Italian version - Swedish version -

Also, good to see BBC Online getting 3 awards this year...


Comments (4)

  1. joseph says:

    Have you tried http://www.mappy.com

    I think it’s equally as nice

    (some features missing but the ultra cool satellite maps !)

  2. Anon says:

    A nice little flash client to a MapInfo back end. Not spectacular but it’s nice for what it does (and I don’t have to install Java).


  3. … and what about this mudstucked-girls-get-the-car-out-of-it-thing? Time for useless things again 🙂

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