Chronology & anatomy of Bibliomeme / Book Meme / Page 23 Meme (7th April 2004) First specific reference to this specific meme (no meme name given although it transpires that in fact is a variant on a previous similar meme, see below). (8th April 2004) first ref: meme given Bibliomeme name (12th April 2004) first ref: Book Meme (mutates name from Bibliomeme to Book Meme) (12th April 2004) first ref to Page 23 Meme (mutates name from Bibliomeme or Book Meme) (13th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (15th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (15th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (15th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (16th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (16th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (17th April) ref: Bibliomeme (17th April) ref: Bibliomeme (18th April 2004) ref: Bibliomeme (18th April 2004) ref: Bibliomeme (19th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (19th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (20th April 2004) ref: Bibliomeme (20th April 2004) ref: Bibliomeme (21st April 2004) ref: Book Meme (21st April 2004)ref: Book Meme (22th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (26th April 2004) (Nick Bradbury, developer of FeedDemon)  ref: Book Meme (about 556 appear in Google referring to this entry by Nick) (26th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (26th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (26th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (26th April 2004) ref: Book Meme (mutates to CD Meme) (5th May 2004) ref: Book Meme

There are now 11,000 returns on Google for the exact phrase "Book meme",  41 for "Bibliomeme", 1,450 for "Page 23 meme".

Just before posting this I found a comprehensive research piece on this meme,page 23, sentence 5: an autopsy .  It turns out that

"that p23s5 was a mutation of an earlier meme, p18s4. While waiting to hear back from AC, I realized that I had been exposed much earlier to this less virulent variation, by hepkitten on April 4th."


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