Winners of Imagine Cup UK off to Brazil…

From BBC

"The University Leisure and Lifestyle Manager, (ULL), is software that will work on a smartphone or handheld computer....The team won the competition after a three-day codeathon. They will travel to Brazil in the summer to represent the UK in a global competition....

His favourite feature - Take Me Home, I'm Drunk - is most likely to be used after students have taken advice on the best pubs in the area...It sends a message to a local taxi firm, detailing the address where the student can be found and their home address. "

I think I need one of those...

UK Imagine Cup site.

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  1. Once more proving that Scots are the best coders 🙂 (Actually, I have no idea if they’re Scottish or not, but the are the U of Aberdeen)

  2. Alex Barnett says:

    Scot(t) from Scotland…I should point out that …"Mr Grieve (from Scotland) worked with team-mates Ali Gardezi, studying for his MSc at the University of Sheffield and Matt Steeples, a software engineer student from the University of Hull"…

    For those who don’t know, Hull and Sheffield is the County of Yorkshire, with a great tradition of Beer (and coders ;-).

  3. Ah well, Yorkshire…at least they’re noth of the Watford gap 😉

  4. Dave says:

    I hear that the University of Sheffield is a crap place.

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