RSS for mobile devices

From article at Daily Wireless: 'RSS and Mobile Devices'

Mobile RSS readers:

Pocket PC: Pocket RSS
Symbian: FeedBurner
Smart Phone: SPRSS
iPOD: Ipod Agent
Palm: HandRSS

I'll be trying out the Smartphone version and see how I go.

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  1. SBC says:

    cool.. thanks..

  2. Also check out PocketFeed for PocketPC:

    (free, and with source code)

  3. And of course, NewsGator Mobile edition –

  4. The symbian one only works on certin phones, but its java enabled and will work on Palm OS 5. java midlet version 2.0. if you can use that, you can use this. i was talking to the devs who make it and they said a palm OS 4.1 version is in the works. cant wait for that one.

  5. johninspace says:

    Give a try if you want a complete mobile RSS solution.

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