Microsoft dipping toe into open source waters

From my perspective, Microsoft releasing WiX under CPL is a momentous step.  Since joining around 2 years ago I've been looking out for this move, and can't quite believe the time has come.

Rob Mensching and his team get my congratulations for their efforts in actually making this happen.

The feedback from the dev community has been generally very positive...articles already abound covering this story, one of the lesser C&P'd articles: Openess Can Be Good - ADTmag

Times are a'changing...

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  1. CC says:

    And to prove it works there is a bug in Main in the dark decompiler, specifically the option parsing where it simply uses args[i].Substring(1) without checking that the string is long enough.

  2. You know the funny thing is that this exact bug was discussed on the internal bug reporting alias today. If you dig in much further you’ll find that dark and the Decompiler.cs are pretty hacked code. The decompiler has always been this poor-step child of a project kept alive just enough to get the job mostly done.

    Honestly, dark wasn’t originally going to be released right away. However, Robert did a whirlwind fix-up and got the most onerous bugs (like decompiles failing no matter what you passed the command-line). Someone really needs to go back and polish (and probably reorganize) a lot of the decompiler code.

    Candle and light are a lot more polished (because their used more often).

  3. CC says:

    "internal bug reporting alias" …

    That’s not very open 😉

    Is the project accepting patches?

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