Content ownership, fair use and attribution

There is a very lively debate between a blogger, Jason Calacanis and the CTO of Skweezer, a “Web portal that reformats Web pages, searches, and e-mail for handheld devices, such as PDA’s, smartphones, and most XHTML-enabled cell phones.” At the heart of the discussion is the fair use of content.  Jason’s complaint is this: “It’s…


Podcasting with Curry, BBC article

BBC News “Former MTV host Adam Curry explains why “podcasts” are rapidly filling people’s music player hard drives.” Bad news is that either the /. effect seems to be nailing his server…or BT seems to be having capacity issues in Guilford.  


Enter the Grid

Mary Jo Foley has a ‘scoop’ at Microsoft Watch: “Microsoft is working on a skunk-works project that is code-named Bigtop, which is designed to allow developers to create a set of loosely coupled, distributed operating-systems components in a relatively rapid way, according to sources close to the company, who requested anonymity.” The BSphere reacts… Frankie…


Marketers still don’t get RSS

A survey of email marketers concludes that they still don’t understand the potential of RSS as a marketing tool. Reported at WebProNews, a WordBiz report claims that although 74% of email marketers are ‘familiar’ with the term ‘RSS’, only about 37% had downloaded an RSS feed reader (I use FeedDemon) or subscribed to a web-based reader,…


“the biggest technology trends are the ones no one predicts”

In a Seattle Times article, tech pundit Paul Andrews looks forward to 2005… “Year after year, the biggest technology trends are the ones no one predicts. So quickly does the field change that a blip on the radar can turn overnight into the asteroid that leveled Las Vegas. …If I had to guess, I’d say 2005’s bolt…


Lenovo to move HQ to NY

New York Times reports that China’s largest PC manufacturer Lenovo (which purchased I.B.M’s PC business) is moving its HQ to New York. “American multinational companies outsource manufacturing to China. Why can’t a Chinese company outsource management to the United States?” More…


Microsoft’s CIO interviewed by ZDNet’s Dan Farber (video)

Ron Markezich, CIO at Microsoft, is interviewed by ZDNet’s Dan Farber. (Video, 22 minutes)  Markezich describes his role as an extension to the product development teams and explain what it’s like to be an Alpha to Release to Market (RTM) enterprise customer for Microsoft. A few points from the interview: Deployed SP2 six months before release 60,000 employees 2,000 employees within…


Microsoft Bloggers Face Blog Spam Pinch

e-Week covers the misery. (The actual title of the article is ‘Microsoft Bloggers Face Search Spam Pinch’, but I’m sure this is an error?…should be ‘Microsoft Bloggers Face Blog Spam Pinch’?)


Does Google Have Security Problems Like Microsoft?

Preston Gralla at O’Reilly asks ‘Does Google Have Security Problems Like Microsoft?’ “Why point the finger at Google? To show that Microsoft’s security woes are not all of its own making. I’ve long said that one reason Microsoft software is targeted is simply because most people use its software. Now the same thing is happening…