New version of drivers harvester copies all OEM drivers to separate folder

Download: Drivers Harvester

I've updated Drivers Harvester Tool with a new version. Now it takes a parameter "-d" with directory following after space where you can save your drivers to. But the biggest change is that the tools now creates two subfolders:

LoadedOEMDrivers - all drivers, that where loaded into memory
OtherOEMDrivers - the rest of OEM drivers. Can be drivers that not loaded into memory plus older versions of drivers


The tool does not capture all drivers sometimes, so you end up re-imaging your machine to find that missing driver. This happens because the driver was not loaded into memory, but it's still an OEM driver and causing a "bang" in device manager. So now it copies all OEM drivers regardless if they are loaded into memory or not to OtherOEMDrivers, so you can easily identify the missing one.


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