Drivers harvester now ignores PNF files!

I updated Drivers Harvester tool addressing the issue with PNF files I described here


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  1. Sean Liming says:

    Awesome tool! I am going to be using it in my WES7, wES8, WEi8.1, and Windows 10-IoT projects. I did a project recently and I noticed that it copied the driver files, but it missed the chipset INFs. Not a big deal as I can look in the oem#.inf file to find the.

    You should also note that the tool needs .NET 4.0 to run.

  2. Sean Liming says:

    I have not searched in the code, but does the tool ignore copying unsigned drivers?

  3. alexsemi says:

    If unsigned driver is loaded and running on your Windows system (good luck with that, not a simple task!) – it will copy it.

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