Bullet-proof version of ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf


I'm removing this page soon, since the new ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf from MDT 2013 U1 works just fine.


Many of you use ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf script that is a part of MDT to build your golden images. So do I. I came across two issues, that I fixed and I would like to share the modified version of this script.

  1. On Windows 7 and Office 2010, there is a patch, that becomes applicable again, and does not get re-installed because ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf remembers everything it installed and skips it. Now, if the script finds something that was already installed, it does not skip it, it re-installs it, saying "REINSTALLING - " and then patch name and GUID
  2. Sometimes, when it can't connect to Windows update, it just fails. I replaced this logic with reboot and retry


Just replace the standard copy of ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf with the one attached here and try to build your golden images.



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