Prevent "half-baked" computers in your environment with special handling of failing steps in State Restore phase

I bet you've seen technicians, imaging computers, ignore failed task sequences when in Live OS already and giving those computers to the users. They make a judgment that computer was imaged "good enough" and it's a hassle to escalate it and have some SCCM admin to look at it, investigating what happened.

This simple script will "sabotage" boot on non-UEFI machine, making it sort of unusable (but this can be easily fixed, though). Here is how to implement it:


1. Copy attached script to your MDT package Scripts\Custom folder. Update your MDT package.

2. Add a new "Run Command line" step to the last, "Gather Logs and StateStore on Failure" group right under first "Gather" step:

Comments (1)

  1. Dan_Vega says:

    This is great. Will this work on UEFI machines and how should this be implemented in MDT (no SCCM). I'm just using LiteTouch.

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