x-mass present! _AUTOMATICALLY_ open all important logs – smsts.log, bdd.log – anything!

Hi! How many times you have been looking for SMSTS.LOG checking all possible locations, finally finding the wrong version, because time in Win PE is off? Finally, the pain is over! Attached script, ZTITrace32.wsf will open them for you automatically. See the picture. How it works. Script Starts another copy of itself in “TSR” mode…


Increase CM cache and clean it – 2

Next version to http://blogs.msdn.com/b/alex_semi/archive/2011/12/15/increase-cm-cache-and-clean-it.aspx Now the script goes to WMI, and checks, if each cached package required by any of mandatory assignment, and if it’s in a future, or recurring, it won’t delete. CCMCacheClean.zip


Increase CM cache and clean it

Sometimes it’s hard to accommodate all needed packages in SCCM cache, so admins usually increase the size of the cache to a few gigabytes. Since SCCM does not clean cache unless it needs to fit some new packages, you will end up with old versions of packages and some not really used stuff there. Here is a script,…


Remote Connection to WinPE during SCCM deployments – creating shortcuts with Ticket numbers and IP on a file share

Update – I’ve found a bug and fixed it. Now you can call this script from PE in OS Refresh scenario as well. The well known name in Deployment world, Johan Arwidmark wrote an excelent article on adding remote control to MDT/SCCM Boot images. http://www.deploymentresearch.com/Blog/tabid/62/EntryId/36/Software-Assurance-Pays-Off-Remote-Connection-to-WinPE-during-MDT-SCCM-deployments.aspx Here is what he’s saying: “If you want to automate…


Sending SCCM Status Messages from MDT Scripts.

Recently, I asked Michael Niehaus would it be a good idea to send Events, that normally go to EventShare, to SCCM as a status message. Michael’s response was that the challenge was Windows PE. But still, if you’re using MDT Scripting framework for all your VB Scripts (I do, and you should too, I don’t…


Compliance report, break down by months

Instead of maintaining endless Update Lists with patches from each month, I created this custom report, breaking down by Months. Creterias: 1. Category: Security patches 2. Prodcuts: All 3. Severity: Critical and Important 4. One missing patch brings entire computer to incomplicane.   Here is the query (copy/paste it to the report)   SELECT D.MonthPosted,…


Creating faster OEM Images with OSD and MDT.

Creating faster OEM Images with OSD and MDT.   Introduction OEM scenario is where you prepare the reference computer and duplicate the hard drive using any tool or hardware duplicator. Microsoft offers two products to accomplish OEM image creation. 1.       Operating System Deployment from System Center Configuration Manager 2.       Microsoft Deployment toolkit Let’s compare two…