Report, showing all collections computer belongs to

Here is an SCCM report, that takes computer name and shows all collections that computer belongs to

Query used in this report:

select C.Name0, B.CollectionID,B.Name from v_ClientCollectionMembers A,

v_Collection B,

v_R_System C

where A.CollectionID=B.CollectionID

and A.ResourceID = C.ResourceID

and C.Name0= @Name


All Collections, Computer Belongs to.MOF

Comments (3)
  1. Why don’t you just use the view v_FullCollectionMembership (joined to v_R_System)?

  2. alexsemi says:

    OK, I found v_ClientCollectionMembers first.

  3. IvanL says:

    Thanks, exactly what the doctor ordered.

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