Installing Hyper-V integration components in Windows XP when building reference image

I started using Hyper-V to build my reference XP images, and the reason for that - Hyper-V is the first hypervisor that uses the most typical HAL for modern computers - APIC. So, if you build your images on Hyper-V, there is no supportability issues and it works just fine. The problem is, that Hyper-V does not come with hyper-v NIC or VMBUS drivers, so I figured how to install it from the unattend.txt.

1. Mount C:\Windows\System32\vmguest.iso

2. Copy everything from it to your $OEM$\$$\Hyper-V-support\  on the distribution point

3. add lines to your unattend.txt

    "C:\WINDOWS\Hyper-V-support\x86\setup.exe /quiet"

Comments (2)

  1. mmarable says:

    It’s a tested and proven method, although I’d suggest keeping the binaries outside of the Windows folder.  There’s no real harm I suppose, just my preference.

    Copy them here:



    "C:InstallsHyper-V-supportx86setup.exe /quiet"

  2. alexsemi says:

    As Michael Niehaus pointed out, you can do the same from the task sequence, you just have to use legacy NIC

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