Reporting client to distribution point network bandwidth to SMS Hardware Inventory


Network infrastructure is very important for successful SMS deployment. The most network consuming feature is Software distribution, and it would become handy to have network speed information in your SMS Database. To collect this data we use simple VB script (netspeed_inv.vbs) which runs from the distribution point and transfers small 100KB file. After that, script reports current speed using NOIDMIF file.


Another script, netspeed.vbs, is used to create chained program, which suspends the software distribution until required network speed reached (in kilobits per second). If it's reached, it exits with errorlevel 0, otherwise - 7782. This prevents large packages from being installed if network is too slow. It has the following command line parameters and reports all its activity to netspeed.log in CCM\Logs folder. Don't use this script for "Download and Execute" packages; it will download both packages first and then run them locally.



cscript netspeed.vbs <Required Speed in kilobits per second> <tries> <pause duration between tries in seconds> <server(optional)>


cscript netspeed.vbs 128 12 300 (Try 12 times every 5 minutes waiting 50Kbps)


Attached also contains “Client to DP average speed by Sites and Networks” report, check the sample SMS Report.mht.


Special credits to Ilya Korolkov, MCS.



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