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This post is a continuation of MANAGED DEBUGGING with WINDBG. Prerequisites




·         I won’t explain every single detail on WinDbg or debugger extension commands. I don’t want to duplicate much info. I will mainly focus on which commands to use and how to use them depending on the circumstances, with samples.


Disclaimer: there could be several ways to combine the commands and get the same info. I will just show my way. There could be better ways, and I would love to know them. Thanks!


·         If we don’t know how a command works we can get extensive help in other places:

We can get help on WinDbg and its commands in Debugger.chm help file. We can open this file directly from the debugger:

0:000> .hh


We can also see all commands in an extension:

0:000> !


Or we can get help for just one command in an extension:

0:004> ! !command


We won’t only get the possible parameters. We will also get useful explanations and tips to use the commands. I suggest you take a look to the help of every single command you use.




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Alex (Alejandro Campos Magencio)

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