PNSQC Slides

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk today. Feel free to fire more questions here if you have them. Slides are available here.

HWTSAM in China

I’m excited to see that the Chinese version of HWTSAM is out (and soon to be followed by a Korean translation). You can find information here: and on Amazon.

My STAR talk

My talk’s over – I’ve received a lot of positive feedback (although the people who hate my talks never track me down). I did have fun though, so at least one person in the room had a great time. My slides (which are nothing like the slides I submitted) are here if you’d like to…


Another HWTSAM Video Podcast

This one is a recap of chapter 2. We’ve filmed though chapter 8, but we’re a little behind on production. We hope to catch up by end of summer.  

More HWTSAM reviews

Been incredibly busy lately, but wanted to share a few other HWTSAM reviews. There’s a review on stickyminds that’s pretty good (and yes, I agree that Ken may have been a little to “rah-rah” about testing at Microsoft, but to each his own). There’s also a nice write up and discussion over on software testing…

Another review of HWTSAM

So far, the blogosphere in general has had a better experience with the book than the amazon reviewers 🙂 Here is a link to the latest review I found. Thanks Michael for taking the time to write this up.


PNSQC 2009

It looks like (pending paper composition and acceptance) that I’ll be heading three hours south this October to present at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in Portland, OR. I’ll be presenting on “The role of experienced testers on software quality” (or something like that). I’m also excited that (at least) two of the bloggers…


Odds and Ends

It’s been busier than normal for me at Microville recently. My friend (and frequent soccer match viewing partner) James Whittaker ended his 3-year run at Microsoft last week. James still lives locally, and I expect that we’ll continue to collaborate in the future. The pettier downside of James’ departure is that some of our shared…


The HWTSAM bug list (so far)

No book on testing would be complete without a bug list. HWTSAM is no exception! Some “book people” call this stuff errata, but let’s just call a bug a bug. There are two distinct types of bugs: Author bugs, and Production bugs. The Author bugs are those where we, as authors, made mistakes. The Production…


Worst Practices

I know several people (not just context-driven folks) who cringe a bit at the concept of "Best Practices". The point of controversy is that practices depend on context. What’s "best" for one context may not be a good idea at all in another context. I suppose it’s a bit of a word game, but a…