My blog is dead – long live my blog

I started blogging about five years ago while I was working on Windows CE. I started the blog as a place to share my conference materials, but it quickly turned into something else. Soon, I was writing this blog to work on my writing skills – practicing many of the tips and techniques I read…


PNSQC Slides

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk today. Feel free to fire more questions here if you have them. Slides are available here.


I’m overflowing

…literally, I suppose. It’s been a hectic few weeks for me, but some big announcements may be on the horizon… In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to check out The cool kids among my readers will know that stackexchange is based on the site (and that I love, love, love stackoverflow). But…


HWTSAM in China

I’m excited to see that the Chinese version of HWTSAM is out (and soon to be followed by a Korean translation). You can find information here: and on Amazon.


One last virtualization post

We (Microsoft, M$ or however you’d like to refer to us) are trying to gather some data on how testers are using virtualization – specifically in the area of lab management of virtual machines. We’re working with independent analyst firm, voke, to conduct a market study on virtual lab management.  If you have a few…


My STAR talk

My talk’s over – I’ve received a lot of positive feedback (although the people who hate my talks never track me down). I did have fun though, so at least one person in the room had a great time. My slides (which are nothing like the slides I submitted) are here if you’d like to…


Plane Thoughts and Plain Books

I’m somewhere over California on my way to Orange County, home of movie stars, beaches, Disneyland, and a wee bit of the Microsoft mother ship. The flight is half full, and I’m using the increased elbow room to clean out some old email, work on my presentations for the week and to try and figure…


Why bugs don’t get fixed

I’ve run into more and more people lately who are astounded that software ships with known bugs. I’m frightened that many of these people are software testers and should know better. First, read this “old” (but good) article from Eric Sink. I doubt I have much to add, but I’ll try. Many bugs aren’t worth…


7 Influential Books

Phil Kirkham recently posted a list of 7 Influential Books and encouraged some of his fellow bloggers to follow suit. Of course, Phil’s list overlaps mine, so instead, I’d like to present: 7 Influential Books that Phil doesn’t Mention The Feiner Points of Leadership – Michael Feiner One of the Technical Fellows at Microsoft recommended…


Niche Professions

I have been thinking about “niche” professions – those that only appeal to a relatively small number of people in the world. Often, these professions are looked down upon by those in similar professions – or by those who don’t know much about the profession in the first place (one example would be the veterinarian…