One last virtualization post

We (Microsoft, M$ or however you’d like to refer to us) are trying to gather some data on how testers are using virtualization – specifically in the area of lab management of virtual machines.

We’re working with independent analyst firm, voke, to conduct a market study on virtual lab management.  If you have a few minutes, tell them what you think about virtual lab management: All of the data captured is confidential, and information about receiving a complimentary copy of the report based on the survey is available at the end of the survey.

This has been a public service announcement – help out if you can.

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  1. ‘Europe (including UK)’  – I thought the UK had always been part of Europe. Maybe I’m wrong. How come we are singled out?

    Maybe it’s a compliment, maybe the UK is percieved as being bigger than Europe. Maybe this is a Microsoft product definition…Europe and then UK…..pricing…yep I see where your coming from now.

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