My STAR talk

My talk’s over – I’ve received a lot of positive feedback (although the people who hate my talks never track me down).

I did have fun though, so at least one person in the room had a great time. My slides (which are nothing like the slides I submitted) are here if you’d like to take a look.

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  1. Jim Hazen says:


    Awesome!  I’m gonna look this over more and follow up on the links & information.

    From what I have quickly gleened I agree with, and have done some of this on the individual level with VM’s for self-contained test platforms on my laptop.  Next step is to go up to the Server level with a ‘farm’ for automation on a project.

    Wish I was out in Anaheim this time, but someone has to work this week 😉


  2. Great presentation Alan.  Any thoughts on when I will be able to attach and emulate any sound card I want to a any VM.  Audio testing (especially audio in AND out) in an application is hard to automate anyway, but when you can’t really vary the hardware, it makes it even worse!


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