Plane Thoughts and Plain Books

I’m somewhere over California on my way to Orange County, home of movie stars, beaches, Disneyland, and a wee bit of the Microsoft mother ship. The flight is half full, and I’m using the increased elbow room to clean out some old email, work on my presentations for the week and to try and figure out if I like the latest Jakob Dylan album or not.

One of the other authors of hwtsam will also be at STAR. Ken Johnston is giving a tutorial and a talk. If you can’t tell from Ken’s writing, he can get a bit excited. So excited in fact, that he’s practically bubbling over at the opportunity to be part of a book signing on Thursday at 10:45am. Of course, I know better about these sorts of things, and don’t really expect anyone to actually show up to have a book they just paid retail price for devalued from potential ebay profits with some scribbling from a couple of writing hacks from a big software company.

But I have a special deal for readers of the blog who find their way to the land of Mickey Mouse this week. If you can track me down any time (outside of my talk Wednesday afternoon) and introduce yourself, you can have one of the two unblemished copies I threw into the vacant space in my bag this morning. Better yet, I promise not to sign it just in case you want to sell it for profit and get a better deal. If you’d like to increase your odds by handing me a beer (preferably cold and full), your odds will increase. Depending on Disney-net access, I’ll update the post when the book is gone.

The other book goes to the best question during my talk. Winner is karentobo - thanks for the support Karen.

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