Come hang out with me in October

My travel always comes in flurries, and October is the flurry month for this year. Immediately following a personal trip (brother in-law’s wedding), I’ll be heading to STAR. (btw – if you’re thinking of attending, you can use the promo code SKWS when you register to save some dough).

While I’m in sunny socal, I’ll be visiting DatAllegro and talking with their testers (they’re a sort-of-recent Microsoft acquisition about 30 miles from Disneyland). I always enjoy visiting Microsoft sites, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Finally, I’ll be heading to PNSQC at the end of October. I’m excited about this conference for a few reasons – one, is that it’s close, and that I may even take the train. It’s also my first time at pnsqc, so I get to see if it’s as good as I’ve heard. Finally, there are a bunch of testers attending and presenting that I’d really like to meet. (if you want to attend and save a bit of money on the registration, you can drop my name! – the promo code FOA – Alan Page will save you some money. I hope to see you there.

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