More stuff that bugs me

I had a late morning meeting today in a MS building nowhere near the one where I normally work. To cut down on wasted time driving, I went directly to the building where my meeting was, got some coffee and opened my laptop to book a conference room (there were empty offices, but I was hoping to take care of a few conf calls).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get an updated list of free rooms. Not sure whether to blame the network, software, or user error, but it just didn’t work. “No problem”, I thought – I’ll just wander by a few conference rooms and see which rooms are available (we have this cool system where there’s a little touch screen outside of each conf room that shows the schedule for the day).

What bugged me is that I walked by half a dozen rooms, and the calendars showed active meetings in every single one (that’s fairly typical for the morning hours). What bugged me was that every single room was empty. C’mon lazy colleagues -  if you’re going to cancel a meeting or not show up for some reason, cancel the room – it’s a common courtesy. I could have just sat in one, but given that I had to make conf calls, I didn’t want to get interrupted if someone decided to shop up 45 minutes late to their designated meeting.

All is well now – I’m hiding out in a conf room in one of the new MS buildings. Coffee machine is right around the corner, and the cafeteria is a short elevator ride away. It could be worse.

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  1. green2 says:

    As with common sense, alas, common courtesy is not that common :/

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