HWTSAM Video Podcast – Chapter 3

Ken and Bj and I are back with another video recap of a chapter from hwtsam. Take a look and let us know what you think. (I do have to warn you that Ken experimented with a green screen on this video, and I’m not exactly sure what he put in the background).  


Careful with that hammer

There’s a saying that goes “If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.” I see a lot of people swinging their hammers at things – sometimes they swing at nails, and sometimes they swing at things that look like nails. Other times, they seem to swing at apples or street…


Give ‘em what they want

Last night, I was sitting in bed reading the latest issue of TapeOp (music recording magazine). I used to be moderately involved in recording music, but these days I mostly just follow the trends and try to stay sharp. TapeOp has a lot of interviews with recording engineers and producers, and it’s great to hear…


Working on the Duc

Although it’s Saturday and I’m currently doing a bit of work, I’m happy to say that I have had a bit more time lately for non-work projects. In addition to a few small projects around the house, I’ve had a chance to do a bit of work on my motorcycle (Ducati Monster). A few weeks…


What’s the REAL question?

I’ve been in a lot of meetings recently, and I’ve been observing the way people ask questions. There are a lot of different ways of asking questions (of course), but I started to notice patterns. For one of the patterns I discovered, people tend to stick to their particular pattern no matter what question they’re…


Another HWTSAM Video Podcast

This one is a recap of chapter 2. We’ve filmed though chapter 8, but we’re a little behind on production. We hope to catch up by end of summer.  


Papers, Presentations and People

I finished another draft of my pnsqc paper today. I still have a few tweaks I know I need to make, but I sent it off anyway so I can get feedback in parallel. I’ve had so much “day job” work lately that I’ve had a hard time prioritizing the “extra” stuff. I haven’t checked…


Testing is Hard

I was talking with some colleagues about test design today – most of us learned to test by being told “here, test this”. Over time, we add tricks to our toolbox, and eventually, we can all fake our way through testing (slight sarcasm intended). Then yesterday, I was talking to a group of test managers…