Cat Herding Tips

For better or worse, part of my current role requires me to get really busy people to answer my questions or give me information so I can ultimately help them do their jobs better. For example, I’m currently gathering some information on business challenges from the members of the test leadership team at Microsoft in…


Earn it or Demand it?

I was recently talking with a colleague about someone he knows who is currently in a “senior” position at a software company. He mentioned that the person – let’s call him “Tim” was having some problems with his employees. The problem Tim had was that his employees weren’t  – in his eyes – giving him…


More HWTSAM reviews

Been incredibly busy lately, but wanted to share a few other HWTSAM reviews. There’s a review on stickyminds that’s pretty good (and yes, I agree that Ken may have been a little to “rah-rah” about testing at Microsoft, but to each his own). There’s also a nice write up and discussion over on software testing…



I was thinking about my last post – as well as the “stuff on my plate”, and thought it may be interesting to share some examples (and simultaneously share a bit about what I’m working on). To quickly recap, I discussed how I try to get rid of as many possible distractions when ‘I’m working…



In the world of twitter, facebook, email, cell phones and IM, I sometimes wonder how anybody gets anything done. Too many studies to count mention the effects of multi-tasking and interruptions on getting work done. Think about it for a moment – you’re deep in thought writing code, testing a complex feature, or writing an…


Quality isn’t always free

I went to the dentist this morning for a routine teeth cleaning and to get my yearly x-rays. My teeth were fine, but the x-rays showed something interesting – the crown my dentist put on last year didn’t appear to sit correctly on the tooth. My dentist stared for a minute and determined that the…


Want to say something nice?

Work on the Korean version of HWTSAM is wrapping up, and we’re looking for a few more of what the editors like to call “praise quotes”. These are the nice things people say about the book that either go on the back cover or on the inside pages. If you’ve read the book and want…


Another review of HWTSAM

So far, the blogosphere in general has had a better experience with the book than the amazon reviewers 🙂 Here is a link to the latest review I found. Thanks Michael for taking the time to write this up.


PNSQC 2009

It looks like (pending paper composition and acceptance) that I’ll be heading three hours south this October to present at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in Portland, OR. I’ll be presenting on “The role of experienced testers on software quality” (or something like that). I’m also excited that (at least) two of the bloggers…