Odds and Ends

It’s been busier than normal for me at Microville recently. My friend (and frequent soccer match viewing partner) James Whittaker ended his 3-year run at Microsoft last week. James still lives locally, and I expect that we’ll continue to collaborate in the future. The pettier downside of James’ departure is that some of our shared projects now fall to me – it’s a bit more work, but all stuff I love to do (although it may not be the stuff that my boss wants me to do). I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to fit it all in.

It looks like you can preorder Beautiful Testing on Amazon. I wrote a chapter for the book on Large Scale Test Automation. I’ll leak some details in this blog between now and when the book comes out.

The Chinese and Korean translations of hwtsam are well under way. I hope I can get my hands on a copy of each of the translations when they are available.

Next week is the yearly “engineering forum” at Microsoft. We take one week every year and hold something that’s quite similar to a conference like SD West or PDC. We have a hundred or so talks spread over 5 days, including keynotes from the bigwigs. Our group (the larger group – not just my little team) are responsible for putting it on, so there’s a bit of “ship stress” in the air at building 21.

Things should be back to normal shortly. Now, it’s time to get back to those 30 “red” todo items and 50 or so unread emails in my inbox.

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    まったぁ〜りしたデートがしたいです☆結構いつでもヒマしてます♪ m-g-j@docomo.ne.jp 年齢と名前くらいは入れてくれるとメール返信しやすいかも…

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  5. 当サイトは、みんなの「勝ち組負け組度」をチェックする性格診断のサイトです。ホントのあなたをズバリ分析しちゃいます!勝ち組負け組度には、期待以上の意外な結果があるかもしれません

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  8. 高級チェリーの夏は童貞卒業の夏です。セレブ達も童貞を卒業させたくてウズウズしながら貴方との出会いを待っています。そんなセレブ達に童貞を捧げ、貴方もハッピーライフを送ってみませんか

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    何回かメールして会える人一緒に楽しいことしょ?お給料もらったばかりだからご飯くらいならごちそうしちゃうょ♪ cha-a@docomo.ne.jp とりあえずメールくださぃ★

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