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Every once in a while, a strange idea pops into my head. Occasionally, I actually remember the idea for longer than a few moments. Sometimes I am even sitting at a computer - with my blog editor open when this phenomenon occurs. Of course, this isn't one of those times - I'm just letting you know that there is the potential for this to happen someday.

So, I'll share one of my bad ideas instead. I've built up a dozen or so talks over the past few years, some of which I give more often than others. These days, I'm probably more motivated to give talks that are related to the book, but I'm not limited to that subject. Unfortunately, I can't give as many in-person talks as I would like to. While I do have a few folks who are willing to fly me to their sites and buy me dinner to hear me babble for a while, I really can't afford to miss too much more work.

The punch-line, is that I'm thinking of giving some talks over the web. Most likely, the talks will be about an hour long, including Q&A. I'm not even sure what the rest of the logistics would be, but one of the things I'd like to get out of doing something like this is to just learn more about the available technology. Being a company guy, I'd likely start with Live Meeting, but I put on my tester hat and try a few other solutions as well.

What I'd need to know from you (all 8 of my readers), is if you'd be interested in attending one of these "talks" (pending your availability at the time I choose). If you are, just leave a note in the comments (anonymous is fine if you'd prefer). If not, I'll take the message to heart (and ask again in 2 months)!

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  1. Adam White says:

    I’d be interested in attending at least one talk – then it would be up to you if I attended the next one 🙂

  2. Antoinette says:

    Absolutely.  Sharing is caring!

  3. Andy Tinkham says:

    I’d be interested in giving it a go. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a video discussion group for the Minneapolis MS dev office. So far, it seems that an hour is about what people feel they can allocate — I’d like to have discussion time after the video, so something short enough to fit into that would be great, too.

  4. Chai says:

    Great idea. I’m all earphones!

  5. Zach Fisher says:

    I’m there. Just name the time and place!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would be very interested in attending such talks, and would ask the rest of my team to attend as well.

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