Boulderdash review of HWTSAM

This review is a few weeks old (yet still relevant)! Check it out.


Pyramid v3

For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to go to Egypt. The engineering that went into building the pyramids and temples is incredible – especially considering how long ago these were built. I remember learning in junior high about how advanced of a civilization they were, and I’ve been fascinated ever since…


Blog Break

It’s time for me to take a long overdue vacation. For the first time in a long tie, I’m taking a no-laptop no-kids vacation to lands far away :}. After I get back (and after I catch up from the inevitable mountain of email), I’ll get back to posting. See you in a few weeks.

Another HWTSAM Review

The Evil Tester has a review of How We Test Software at Microsoft here. Here’s an excerpt. I expected more of a techniques book, instead I got a much more readable and enjoyable description of some of the testing life inside Microsoft. Plenty of stories to learn from and a description of a testing culture…


Coming up for air

You know those times when you have so much to to that you never think you’ll get it done?  I remember times like that happening sort of frequently when I actually worked on making software. My current job has been mostly steady over the past few years with an occasional long day or three thrown…