Good Times, Bad Times …

It looks like our little test excellence team may be growing by one person. This is fantastic news and will help us be of better service to testers everywhere.

There is a bit of bad news to go with this. Without doing a bit of reorganization in our team room, we are either going to have to get rid of our espresso machine, or I will have to move into my office across the hall (they gave me an office when I became manager of the team, but I stayed in the team room because it’s a lot more fun and a very cool room).

Because we’re a democratic team, we’ll decide together how we should handle this situation. My team is highly efficient and has already begun circulating the voting mail to ensure that we have a decision made in time for our next team meeting.


Comments (3)

  1. boulderdash says:

    Bug or a feature? 🙂

    Why do the two options are "Coffee Machine" ?

    Good luck with the new team member!


  2. Alan Page says:

    It’s a joke – the point being that they would rather have a coffee machine than me.

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