What’s in HWTSAM

One of the suggestions I received after this post was to share the table of contents so people could get an idea of what's inside the book. The "thud" you just heard was my hand hitting my head since this is so obvious I should have done it without any prompting.

Here's an excerpt from the introduction of the book that puts the layout into a bit of context.

This book starts by familiarizing the reader with Microsoft products, Microsoft engineers, Microsoft testers, the role of test, and general approaches to engineering software. The second part of the book discusses many of the test approaches and tools commonly used at Microsoft. The third part of the book discusses tools and systems we use in our work. The final section of the book discusses future directions in testing and quality at Microsoft and how we intend to create that future.

Part I, “About Microsoft”
Chapter 1, “Software Engineering at Microsoft,”
Chapter 2, “Software Test Engineers at Microsoft”
Chapter 3, “Engineering Life Cycles”
Part II, “About Testing”
Chapter 4, “A Practical Approach to Test Case Design”
Chapter 5, “Functional Testing Techniques”
Chapter 6, “Structural Testing Techniques”
Chapter 7, “Analyzing Risk with Code Complexity”
Chapter 8, “Model-Based Testing”
Part III, “Test Tools and Systems”
Chapter 9, “Managing Bugs and Test Cases”
Chapter 10, “Test Automation”
Chapter 11, “Non-Functional Testing”
Chapter 12, “Other Tools”
Chapter 13, “Customer Feedback Systems”
Chapter 14, “Testing Software Plus Services”
Part IV, “About the Future”
Chapter 15, “Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today”
Chapter 16, “Building the Future”

Look intriguing? Amazon.com still has copies of hwtsam in stock (amazon.co.uk sold out and is still out of stock!)

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  1. I’ve never written fiction before, but if I did, I imagine I’d start at chapter one and work straight

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