I Love Bugs

Like most testers, I love to see software bugs. I find a lot, of course, when I'm being paid to test, but sometimes they seem to follow me around.

As you know, I've been watching the sales rank of hwtsam ever since it became available about a week ago. I mostly follow the amazon rank, but I saw something interesting when I used rankforest to view the sales rank at barnes and noble.

It appear, if you look closely, that hwtsam briefly popped into a negative sales ranking (as in the -5th best seller). I'm sure it's just a scale problem given that we went from zero sales to a dozen or so, but it's still wrong (and it's fixed as of today, but interesting nonetheless).


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  1. BPM software says:

    As a programmer I don’t like to see bugs (and I don’t like the QA ranting about the qaulity of my work either).

    Could you post your "2009 advice to programmers" on how to make testers happy

  2. Alan Page says:

    Great suggestion – I’ll begin preparing a post on that exact subject.

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