My yearly trip to Boston

I’m heading out Sunday for a quick trip to Boston (teaching a class at the Cambridge site). This is my 3rd trip to to the area, and I always seem to go about the same time of year (note – the first time I went I was actually in Beverly at the Groove facility). It’s one of my favorite cities, so I always jump at the chance to travel there.

Usually when I travel, I have a day – or most of one to do a bit of sight-seeing, but this trip is (almost) all business. I arrive Sunday evening, and will be in class until around lunch time on Wednesday. I fly back to Seattle on a 6:00 flight, so I’ll have a bit of downtime to run over to Beacon Hill or Downtown and look around a bit. Chances are, however, that I’ll use a chunk of that free time to catch up on work.

I’ve also been told (although not definitely confirmed) that hwtsam will be in stores on the 10th, so I might stop by a bookstore to see if it shows up.



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