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When it rains it really does pour. If, for some strange reason you can't get enough of my writing, I have a flurry of print activity all happening at once.

I have been published in the November/December issue of IEEE Transactions on Software. To be fair, I'm in the author list, but my role was to run the "experiment". The abstract is here, if you're an IEEE member you can get at the full article. (ed. The title of the article is "The Impact of Educational Background on the Effectiveness of Requirements Inspections: An Empirical Study").

I'm also in Better Software this month. I wrote a"Last Word" article called "The Abolition of Ignorance" - relating Armour's 5 orders of ignorance with software testing. Full article is online here (my article is last - hence the title of the column).

And last, but definitely not least, I'm freakin' ecstatic to announce <<drum roll ..... >>



Somewhere over the last year or so, I wrote a book. Two of my colleagues, Ken Johnston, and Bj Rollison contributed, but I got to own the architecture and design (so to speak) - as well as about 300 pages of drivel on some of the things we care about in testing at MS. It's available for pre-order as of tomorrow, and should be on shelves by the end of next week.

There will certainly be a flurry of follow up posts on the book, but for now, I'll leave it like this.

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