Travel Notes – part 2

I travel frequently for work, but I rarely have much time to check out much more than restaurants. This is a long trip (which has several drawbacks as well) and I've had the luxury of a weekend to do whatever I want.

On Saturday, I decided to take a day trip. I started by heading north to Helsingør. I explored the town a bit then walked over to Kronborg castle. Kronborg was the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet (Helsingør == Elsinore - pronounced almost exactly the same).

Once I got my castle fix, I hopped on a ferry for a quick trip to Sweden. I walked around Helsingborg for a bit before hopping on the train heading south to Malmö. Malmö is a good walking city and I spent a few hours there just walking around checking things out. I also got a quick bite to eat there before starting the last leg of my journey.

But first...a note on my travel eating strategy. I have a few quirks when I travel. One is that if at all possible, I try to never eat in the same restaurant twice. I'm a bit of a foodie and hate the idea of getting stuck in a rut or missing some bit of culinary excitement. I also avoid any restaurant I could find at home (that means no fast food, Hard Rock cafe, etc.). I occasionally make an exception to my rule on the last night or two of a trip where I may revisit an exceptionally good restaurant.

Anyway - my trip from Malmö back to Copenhagen was quick and uneventful. My only regret is that by the time I headed back, it was too dark to see what the Oresund Bridge looked like.

Sunday was less action packed. My supply of clean clothes was getting short. While I could have done the easy thing and just had the hotel wash them for me, I hate the idea of paying 12 bucks to wash a shirt (yes - I could expense it, but I'm doing what I can to get the stock price back in the 20's).  I also like to walk, so I threw some dirty clothes in my messenger bag and went walking. A bit of internet research showed me a place called the Laundromat Cafe not too far away (20 minute walk). A few hours later, I had clean clothes and a full stomach and headed back to the hotel. I have some work to do tonight and want to get a full night of sleep before heading back in to teach a class on metrics tomorrow morning.

I'm teaching Monday and Tuesday this week, then giving an interview on Wednesday morning before heading over to visit SpecialListerne in the afternoon. I fly out (and arrive home) on Thursday.

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  1. cbmdotdk says:


    hope you enjoyed Copenhagen….

    have a safe trip back 🙂

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