movin’ on up?

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For those of you not from the Seattle area, I'd like to enlighten you to something we call the "east side". There's a big lake (Lake Washington) that separates Seattle (where the cool people live) and Microsoft and the surrounding cities (redmond, bellevue, kirkland, issaquah, etc.) - i.e. the suburbs.

Seattle-ites enjoy making fun of the east-siders - how fun could it be to live in a house so far away from the clubs and restaurants in Seattle? Do they even have bus service on the east side? Where are the good restaurants?

A few months ago, I made a decision that I'm still not entirely comfortable with (but liking more every day). After 39 years of being a west-sider (I'm a rare Microsoft "local"), I moved to the east side of the lake. I'm getting too old to go to bars that often anyway, and the bigger house and bigger yard are growing on me (I have a house with a garage for the first time since I was living at home with my parents). My commute is better too. Seattle is still a short drive away if I feel the need to blow way too much money on a gourmet dinner, and there are a few good restaurants closer. I still have season tickets to the theater and the Mariners, so I'll still feel a bit like a west-sider.

But I still wonder how people get used to living in the suburbs - it's so quiet here I can hardly sleep at night. I wish my neighbors would throw a loud party or something... or at least screech their tires or have a loud argument...

We don't have any furniture - or much at least. We gave away everything when we moved because we were sick of it and wanted to replace it. We have beds and a dining room table. We need to buy a couch and a table for the "breakfast nook" - probably some chairs too. Eventually, we'll buy a tv and a cabinet to hold stereo equipment. I may buy a nice desk for my office too. We've decided we'll just live here as is and buy stuff as we figure out how to live here.

The local monopoly cable provider "may get to us next week", so in the meantime, I'm not working much outside of the core MS hours. The house is wired for ethernet and cable  already, so if they don't screw it up, I should end up with a pretty nice setup - and I should finally get a chance to get caught up on my work (I didn't realize how valuable the few minutes I spend working at night and the the hour or two I spend working early in the morning helps me stay caught up on busywork).

I also write most of my blog posts at home (I'm writing this one "offline" - I'll probably get back to my regular posting schedule over the next week or so) - depending on that cable internet hookup.

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