Staying organized

Test #7 of the Test Test asks if testers use test case management and source control tools. The only reason I can think of an org NOT to use these tools is if they were too cheap to buy them. In that case, use one of the many free tools out there for this task. They’re not that hard to use, and are fairly easy to administer. Really, there’s no reason not to have good versioning and tracking for test cases and code.


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  1. Adam Goucher says:

    I think this is really a 7a and 7b. To me the roles of a test case management system and a source control system are different. And only ‘required’ in certain contexts. I have all my things-that-might-be-called-test-cases-but-are-really-checklists in a wiki for instance.


  2. Alan Page says:

    Adam – you make a good point. My point was that you just need to keep track of your collateral – no matter what it is.

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