Apparently, I have a double

I finally received my feedback from the futuretest conference. When I get feedback from a talk or class, I usually take about 3 seconds to look at the overall numbers, then start reading the comments. The numbers are nice, but I find the comments to be a much better gauge on how well my talk was received.

Overall, the comments were good – people (in general) felt like they learned something and liked the insights. One comment, however, had me a bit confused. It said:

This is a redo of what you said at STPCON. How do you differentiate the two (presentations) when you rerun?

Of course, I’ve never presented at STPCON, and I’m pretty sure the other MS folks who have presented there never gave a presentation similar to this one. Perhaps it was an extreme case of déjà vu (or a big glitch in the matrix)?

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