I'm tired :}. Although I officially moved into a new position two months ago, work travel and vacation both kept me out of having to deal with the job. All that changed in 2008, as I'm back to work on a more regular schedule.

The problem I've discovered in taking a new job in your same group, is that you end up doing two jobs at once for a while. For example, today I had a budget meeting (yecch!), had a mentoring session, ran a test leadership team meeting, then ran off to teach a class for a few hours. On top of that, going to all of those meetings kept me away from doing other work! There is, of course, a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm still teaching a lot over the next few months, but it will taper off, and after that I'll do an occassional class, and only on rare occassions travel for teaching. I'll continue to mentor (and continue to have budget meetings), but I expect at some point soon to find a way to balance the slight meeting influx that goes with this new position with my other projects.

This blog, of course, remains almost entirely about testing, but since whatever I happen to be working on at any moment is the primary inspiration for this blog, I will warn you to expect a few posts on topics like project management, leadership, or personal organization. I will promise to never share anything to do with budgets, accounting terms, or anything else like that.

Happy new year - welcome to 2008.

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