On the road again: travels with a listmaker

こんにちわ。I am currently above the Pacific, about two hours outside of Narita airport in Tokyo. Next week I will be teaching a few courses at the Microsoft facility in the Tokyo area. Given my schedule of late, the long flight has been quite a break. I watched a (bad) movie, took a short nap, and cranked out several hours of work.

I don't know if any readers are the same, but I'm a big list maker. Things have been so crazy for me lately that I just plain forget to do stuff I said I would do (and it's embarrassing!).  I always keep a "to do" list - in fact, I always have two "to do" lists; one for short term (i.e. do it asap), and one for stuff I know I need to do, but there's no deadline yet. Anyway, one of the byproducts of me working (catching up on email and documents I needed to read, reviewing course material, working on presentations, answering questions, etc.) was that I managed to create myself a list of over 20 things I want to get done this week. In the past, I've been on many business trips that had a little downtime once in a while to either look at the sites or relax, but teaching trips are the opposite. Eight hours of teaching are exhausting, and it's hard to do much work before just wanting to crash for the night (also keep in mind that while eating out is almost always fun, it takes a ton of time).

BTW- just thought of something else to add to the list. Want to laugh at me? Before I left home, I made a list of things I wanted to get done on the plane. One of the items was to make a list of things to do this week (as if I could have forgotten).

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  1. Yeah – I can empathize. To-do lists are lifesavers for me – they make me feel like atleast, I am planning to do something

  2. Alan Page says:


    Although I’ve added a few things, the list is currently down to 11 items. I’m going to try to get it down to single digits before I go home tonight.

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