Yet another place to discuss software testing

I am excited and happy and proud (and much more) to announce the creation of a Software Testing Forum on the MSDN sponsored forum site. The forum is intended for general discussion and questions about software testing, and is no way geared toward specific Microsoft tools. Although I'll spend a big chunk of time reading and moderating this forum, I still plan to read forums at QAForums, StickyMinds, and other testing sites. This forum will parallel some of the directions of those forums, but will also be a good place to ask questions about how Microsoft tests a particular technology, or approaches a certain aspect of testing.

The forum is brand new. Other than a "welcome" post from Julie, it's wide open if you want to start asking questions. Or,if you prefer, you can refer back to the forum over the coming weeks and months and see what people are talking about.

The creation of this forum is related to another announcement (which I will also be excited, happy, and proud about). I'll tell you about it in a few months...

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  1. Shrini says:

    Hi Alan – nice to see such forum under MSDN … but make sure that you don’t entertain basic newbie stuff and homework and interview question …

    I suggest a policy that the person asking question should have a new or important view point to state and engage the people in debate and discussion ….

    without making any effort to understand stuff in testing – one should not be simply allowed to ask questions like “what is test strategy”, “what is automation framework” and “what is metric commonly used in testing” …

    software testing yahoo group moderated by Cem Kaner and James Bach has been an excellent example of such forum. There to get a question posted it takes good amount of work and credibility. Both James and Cem, personally screen every question and all basic questions are rejected  before being posted


    Thanks for the feedback Shrini. I noticed that within the first day, someone already posted on the forum that people use wikipedia to look up basic terms before posting questions on terminology.

    I’m familiar with the list you mention (I’m on it), and think it does force people to think more before they post. At this stage, the traffic is still relatively light, but we will consider more formal moderation as the traffic increases.

    btw – since I didn’t catch you on Friday, I’ll do a blog post on the question you asked me. 


  2. Several months ago, I announced that MSDN now had forums set up for discussing software testing issues.

  3. Several months ago, I announced that MSDN now had forums set up for discussing software testing issues

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