The post that will never happen

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I like being a "d-list" blogger. I know I don't post often, but I enjoy writing and many of the posts I've written have actually helped me think through testing issues close to me.

My current team contains some of the best software testing thinkers at Microsoft. Of course, when you have a handful of highly experienced thinkers concentrated on one team, interesting personalities are bound to break out. Sometimes I'll discuss one of our team discussions with my wife, who will notice that everyone on the team (including me) will respond to a variety of discussions exactly the same way.

Recently, I created a character sheet for our team - much like the description of characters that exists in a script for a play, but probably a little over the top. I was going to post the descriptions and a few "scenes" based on hallway discussions. Probably only I would find it interesting, but I saw it as a fun creative exercise.

This is the post that will never happen. I recently discovered that one of my teammates reads this blog (if he uses newsgator, he's one of the 21!). Although nothing I was going to post was derogatory, I like keeping my stereotypes to myself. So much for semi-anonymous blogging.

I'll probably get over my fear in a few weeks. I'll keep the character sheet around just in case.

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  1. I.M.Testy says:

    C’mon Alan…I would love to see the character sheet. I am pretty thick skinned 🙂

  2. Alan Page says:

    but you may tell Ken what I really think of him!

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