The life of a D-list blogger

Several weeks ago the user friendly comic ( ran a sequence of comics on a “c-list” blogger trying to become an “a-list” blogger One example is here.


I’m fascinated by the social world of blogging, and the variety of reasons people blog. Many do it to provide information about whatever it is they work on. Others for random thoughts, and some use blogging as an online diary. Others (or maybe I’m the only one) use it as an avenue for practicing writing. I assume that many have a combination of these goals plus many more.


What is an “A-list” blogger? I assume Scoble is one, (but to me, his blog is boring with a capital snore). Scoble is on my blog roll though, because I think getting the updates on the channel 9 video posts are worth the extra fluff.   Who’s a “B-list” blogger? Joel? Dennis Atwood? I don’t know (to me, those guys are A-listers). Is a “C-list” blogger a blogger who blogs consistently, but doesn’t get read? Assuming that’s true, I will happily join the ranks of the D-listers (unless there’s an opening in the E-list community).


Social castes aside, what is the fascination with becoming an A-lister? The user friendly strip reminded me of how often I see C and D listers linking to scoble, mini, and other popular blogs in an attempt to bring more traffic to their own blogs. I’ve complained about this before, but it’s one thing to link to a blog as it relates to an original thought you want to throw into the blogosphere, but it’s a waste of bits in my rss reader, and a waste of my time to see “This popular blogger just said something that you may find interesting, but I have nothing else to say about it” posts. If you’re that intent on bringing traffic to your blog, how about writing something of interest?


Before you start up with the pot/ kettle talk, please note that I rarely, rarely (meaning I don’t think I ever have, and don’t plan to, but reserve the right to change my mind) link to other blogs. I’m content on the D-list, and am getting exactly what I want from this 20 or so month long experiment.

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  1. Interesting post. I agree with you about Scoble (his writing is too "stream of conciousness" type stuff, and I feel he should consolidate posts…that man is super ADD).  Again, what’s the definition of an A-list blogger? Is he one b/c he gets 10k+ page hits a day and lots of comments? I don’t think so. But it’s also industry (or what the person is blogging in the first place) specific. I have several low volume (programming related) blogs that I read daily basis b/c I find their content useful. Pure tech blogs generally don’t get as many comments b/c for the most part what they state is fact, and helpful, and (usually) not debatable. Human nature dictates that we usually don’t comment on something unless we either A) disagree or B) have a further question. If it’s useful, we take the information and just move on.  Some folks like blog-banter…I for one am simply content with posting something and then just moving on. I care about site traffic on my site only to the point that hopefully I’m helping out the folks reading those posts. I too could care less about becoming an A-list blogger…I do it mainly as therapy, and if it helps someone else out along the way, well that’s ok too ;-).

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    Is the best.

  3. If you want an RSS feed for the Channel9 videos, subscribe to

  4. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I like being a "d-list" blogger. I know I don’t post often, but I enjoy…

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